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Call Us: (678)-580-2639

Call Us: (678)-580-2639

Our Story

Growing up in Newburgh N.Y.

We didn’t have a lot, but we always had great food. When I think of my childhood, I daydream about some of the best food ever! From my mom's Chopped BBQ & Potato Salad to my best friend's mother, Ms. Kathy, who made the best Meatballs & Italian Sausage with ziti pasta!

The best eateries were walking distance away… Pete's Hot Dogs & Newburgh Lunch, Stella's & J & F Pizzeria and Favata's Bakery just to name a few! I fell in love with food watching my mom cook Sunday dinners and wanting to help. One of the first things she taught me to make was her potato salad! Eventually I could make it from beginning to end all by myself as a little girl. As I got older and began to visit with friends and invited to eat dinner, I immediately fell in love with Italian cuisine. I grew up in a tight-knit community called Lake Street. I Used to pray on my way up the hill to Ms. Kathy's house that she had a pot of Meatballs on the stove with pasta, or when I went to my second mother's house we were going to stop at Pete’s Hot Dogs while running errands - It was truly the best!

Mitzi Glasco


As a little girl I always knew I wanted to open a restaurant and share my love for good food. People always ask “Where did you get the name Mimi?” There’s no exciting story behind the name… I vaguely remember a family member calling me Mimi a few times and although it didn’t stay with me as a nickname- I remember saying to myself and telling everyone who would listen that the name of my restaurant is going to be called Mimi’s! Because of my love for so many different types of food, I decided to call it Comfort Foods!